6 million villages have: No pastor. No church. No GOOD NEWS. This is TRAGIC and at Oral Learners Initiatives we’re working to change that! How? 1. By the POWER of Jesus! 2. Through the LEADING of the Spirit! 3. Teaming up with PRAYING and GIVING people and together we will TRAIN PASTORS that will TAKE JESUS to the UNREACHED VILLAGES! Because YOU are praying and giving YOU are making it possible for me to serve as the Director of Media at Oral Learners Initiatives. THANK YOU! Your Kingdom investment is literally changing the eternal trajectory of lost and dying people with every prayer and every dollar given. WHAT AM I DOING AT O.L.I.? My role is CREATING MEDIA CONTENT for the only video based Bible institute for people who are oral learners - people who do not read or write but have the ABILITY TO WATCH A VIDEO on their mobile smart phone and the majority of the people own a smart phone! We are in the process of creating: - 30 courses of VISUAL pastoral training. - Over 1000 VISUAL lessons for oral learners.
- No internet is required because all of the VISUAL content is stored on to a MICRO SD CARD (see photos below) that will go into the students phone. PLUS all of the courses are in the students native language! This is PHENOMENAL - PRAISE GOD! The GOAL is for the pastoral student to PLANT a church in their own village by putting into PRACTICE what they have learned as the Spirit of God leads them in the work of PASTORAL ministry! BASICALLY WE’RE TAKING JESUS TO UNREACHED VILLAGES BY TRAINING PASTORS THAT GOD HAS RAISED UP FROM THAT REGION TO PLANT CHURCHES AND DISCIPLE NEW BELIEVERS! How can you continue to help us train pastors that will reach those who have not heard the Gospel in their village? 1. PRAY. Please pray for me, my family, and our ministry. Nothing can be done without prayer. 2. GIVE. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving. Having the necessary funds means that the Kingdom work is being accomplished. You’ve been so faithful in giving - is it possible that the Lord is leading you to increase your dollar amount to train more pastors and reach more villages for Christ? Our VISION at Oral Learners is to see a church within walking distance of everyone on the planet - and YOU are making this VISION come to life! THANK YOU! ⬇️ See photos below! ⬇️